Rising Sun Photography is a culmination of my favourite styles of photography, all under one banner. In 1999 I started shooting on a Canon 35mm film camera, this was a very creative way to shoot but it was a very expensive way to shoot if you were wanting to experiment with concepts and images. These days I am shooting on a 50 megapixel Canon 5Ds, this is a far more efficient way to bring the pictures you would like to create to life.

I love the serenity and peace I get from setting up an early morning sunrise shoot, I really enjoy the family portraits and wedding shoots and the fun and laughter they invoke, and the sports nut in me loves the action/sports photography and the passion it provides.

Overall, the different styles of photography I am mastering allows me the freedom and flexibility to be able to deliver to clients the exact image they are looking for.

Adrian Koch

Rising Sun Photography Sydney